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  Statewide Criminal History

A variety of options exist for Statewide Criminal History. Typically these searches are conducted using a private compiled database using public data or directly through state repositories.

Private Databases

Information in private databases varies from state to state depending on what information has been made available to the public. Common data sources include, but are not limited to, Administrative Office of the Court (AOC) records, Department of Corrections/Department of Rehabilitative Corrections Records, municipality arrest indices, court indices, state sex offender information. It is important to note that these search may not contains the data sources listed. Searches of this type are typically faster and more cost effective than state repository searches, but sometimes not as thorough.
When a record is located a secondary search is conducted at the county of jurisdiction of the original offense to confirm the database record.

State Repository

Criminal history repository searches are available in many states. The data contained in these repositories varies from state to state. While some states may contain felony and misdemeanor records, other may have felony records only. State repositories may also not reflect pending cases or cases not resulting in a conviction. Repository searches also have a longer turnaround time than searches at the county level.

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